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Why Showing Up Is Not Enough

by Jessica Dang rss | t | f | g+ I often read advice about how to be successful. Up until now, I must have accumulated hundreds of books, biographies, articles, and essays about success – what it means, and how to ‘achieve’ it, all the while hoping to find a common theme that would tell me the universal truth about the […]

Balancing Work Life With A Minimalist Life

rss | t | f | g+   One of the biggest life questions that I’ve been battling with lately is how to balance work life – and everything that it comes with – with a minimalist lifestyle. Can you have it all? Since I was a kid, I have been extremely ambitious. I daydreamed about having a successful career. I […]

What I learned from 365 days of doing the 7 minute workout

rss | t | f | g+ On October 2nd 2013, I downloaded an app on my iPhone called ‘Seven‘. It was a free app that guides you to doing a workout that lasts approximately seven minutes, which includes exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges, amongst others, without the use of any equipment, except a wall and a chair. […]

Making Miracles

rss | t | f | g+ When life gives you lemons, make grape juice, and let the world marvel at how you did it. What a great twist to an old saying. Sometimes, you don’t get everything that you want, or even everything that you need. If only you had a bit more time, more money, more resources. Life can be […]

The Sweetest Reward

rss | t | g+ They say that it’s best to aim for the low hanging fruit. A lot of the time this is true, but it isn’t always the case. In the short term, it might make sense to take advantage of whatever comes your way first. The low hanging fruit are easy to reach, but they aren’t […]

The Most Important Lesson You’ll Ever Learn About Opportunity

rss | t | g+ Two shoe makers go to a remote village. One of them immediately gives up and goes home, declaring, “It’s hopeless! Nobody here wears shoes.” The other, smiling, declares “What a glorious business opportunity! Nobody here wears shoes”. Opportunity is something that you discover, not something that you wait for   Whether it’s new business […]

How running taught me the value of persistence

rss | t | g+ A few years ago, I wrote about the importance of perseverance. The ability to see things until the end – it’s the difference between make or break. Little did I know, I would one day go through one of the biggest tests of perseverance – a full marathon. I would end up putting my […]

Minimalize, Focus, Do Part III – Push Publish

Part III of the Minimalize, Focus, Do series. “There are three types of people in this world, those who finish what they start and those that don’t. People have spent entire careers wondering whether there was something special about ‘successful’ people – was there a common characteristic? A secret ingredient? Or just something they ate? […]

Minimalize, Focus, Do Part II- Mastering Focus

Part II of the Minimalize, Focus, Do series. “I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest“. ~ Dalai Lama Into the Eye of the Storm A storm is coming. Thick, dark clouds are gathering in the distance, rolling closer and closer towards you. The echo of a deep rumbling shakes the ground beneath […]