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Spontaneous Disconnection

I’m back! You can follow my shenanigans on Twitter. Since I started Minimal Student, my once a week posting schedule has forced me to reach for my laptop at least once every few days to write posts, answer email and reply to comments. Not to mention all of the other habits I’ve developed whilst being connected, like constant […]

Back from another trip

Hello everyone, I’ve been on a trip to Hiroshima for a few days and have come back to find another spam post. I’ve learned my lessons from last time that because of google caching, I cannot delete the post, so I’ve replaced it with a request for help instead. If anybody knows how to repair this […]

the border of a new generation

In my last post, I talked about what it means to be part of the digital generation. When I was growing up, I never had much technology, until at least my late teen years. I did all of the ‘childhood things’ – played outside, went to the park, learned to ride a bike. My toy […]

the digital generation

This is a continuation of a previous blog post: Minimalist Meditations – Technology. I’m often asked how technology helps minimalists. My answer is that without technology, there would be very very few minimalists. My thoughts are stored as words on 750. My most radical ideas are stored as post on this blog. My music and films are stored […]

Minimalist Meditations – technology

Technology is two-sided. On the one hand, technology has connected us – our ideas, messages and our personalities can all communicated from anywhere in the world to anyone we want. On the other hand, it has provided us with so much information to process – status updates, tweets, news, email, blogs, podcasts, phone calls and […]

Minimalist surfing with chrome

A few months ago, I did a post about minimalist web surfing. Back then, my primary browser was Firefox, although I was using Chrome intermittently. Since Chrome released extension support, I’ve fully switched over and have been happy with Chrome for a few months now. Here are the extensions I use to keep surfing minimal. […]

5 inspiring ways to feed your soul

After working on the same boring thing all day, no one can blame you for taking a well deserved break. Distractions can be valuable because they give your brain a chance to recharge and concentrate even better when you continue. With the amount of content and information now accessible to the average person, choosing what to […]

5 Ways to Cut Down on Social Networking

This is a subject that particularly relevant to students. How much time does social networking suck out of your life? An hour a day? A week? You already know you should cut down, here’s how. 1. Turn off notifications. One of the biggest disturbances to work is getting notifications via email or instant messenger. Most […]