Measuring Time

For about a year, I worked in a cinema and my pay was exactly £5 per hour. Soon, over a couple of weeks, I started to develop the habit of measuring time in hours – and then translating that into money.

If I ever received money, I would rejoice at how many hours I would have had to work for it.

If I ever bought anything, I would lament at how many hours I had spent working for it.

Now, I don’t have a job any more, and I’ve recently realised that I’m counting much less. Or rather, I’m measuring time differently.

Instead of spending time, I’ve started to think of it as investing time. I’ve started to think about wasted  time as how much time I could have invested in something. The list never ends. I could invest time in:

– getting fitter

– learning something new

– writing

– developing a skill

– doing something for a good cause

– reading a biography

– meditating

It makes me want to invest all of my time doing something that would benefit me in the long run, instead of spending it on things that I would forget about in a week’s time (like watching TV).

So whenever I am doing something, I should always ask myself am I spending, or investing?