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In response to my decision to write shorter articles and publish more frequently, a reader, Andre commented:

I like the idea of shorter but more frequent articles, because sometimes it’s better to provide some brainfood to think through by yourself.

This got me thinking. What makes a good blog?

Whenever I read a good post, it’s always been one that makes me think more carefully about something. For me, a really memorable article isn’t usually one of those ‘101 ways you can…’ ones I see in magazines etc. that people usually scan through and then forget about. The really good posts are the ones that make me sit back and think “Hm, I never thought of it like that before…”

So what am I trying to do with Minimal Student?

I’m not trying to be a manual. I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life. Minimal Student is simply a guide to help you along the way. I’m here to give you ideas and get the ball rolling.

Every single one of you is a smart and intelligent person, capable of taking ideas like minimalism seriously. If you took it upon face value only (“throw out all your stuff!”) then you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

It’s up to you to build your own version of minimalism not rely on people telling you what to build. I read many blog posts everyday and now I realize that the best ones are brainfood, not the ones that try to brainwash you.

That’s probably why I had a feeling that I wanted to take the blog in this direction – more frequent and shorter posts, because I want to put the ideas out there and get my point across. If simplicity is the key to everything, then shouldn’t I be applying it to my writing too?

However, just to clarify, the ‘big posts’ aren’t going anywhere. I’m still going to be writing and publishing them all the time, so don’t worry about that! Also, please don’t be concerned about the quality of the posts, I would never ever publish anything below my standards, and believe me, they’re very high!

It’s exciting to step back and make realizations like this, because it shows that I’m growing as a writer. But I’m also a reader, and now I know that I would much rather be given something to think about than being told what to do.

speaking of which… a teeny request!

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