Back from another trip

Hello everyone, I’ve been on a trip to Hiroshima for a few days and have come back to find another spam post. I’ve learned my lessons from last time that because of google caching, I cannot delete the post, so I’ve replaced it with a request for help instead.

If anybody knows how to repair this (I do not think it is not a password problem, I have changed it) please contact me. Again, I am very sorry for this post, I hope you forgive me.

Thank you.

Much love, Jessica.

  • Oh no… you seem to have been attacked by some spam bot again… Hope you solve the problem quickly. Not only for the sake of us readers but also for your personal tranquillance 🙂

    Have a nice week! I enjoy every blog post of you (the real you, not the Polish one ;P)
    Best wishes from Germany!

    • Thanks Dori for letting me know and being so understanding 🙂

  • Moritz

    You might want to try the “bad behavior” plugin.
    Alternatively look up in WordPress whether there are users besides yours, and disable/delete all those ones you do not use.

    • Thanks Moritz, I’ll check it out! I’ve deleted the users that aren’t me, and now I’ve put some procedures in place to stop people from making an account 🙂

  • Andre

    Upgrading WordPress regularly is advisable – especially when security upgrades are available. Furthermore you could search the internet for articles regarding WordPress security since WordPress is not renowned for its security… Good luck!

    • Hey Andre, thanks for your comment! I’m always using the latest version of wordpress (after waiting a few days to check that there aren’t any reports of major problems). I guess you’re right about wordpress and its security problems, I wish there was a much simpler solutions than installing plugins and/or editing databases! 🙂