Why Minimalists Live Happy Lives

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“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.” ― Steve Maraboli


Why is minimalism appealing to so many people?

Because it grants freedom. It’s a way of living fearlessly, without caring what other people think.

Minimalists choose to live free and happy lives. Shedding our need to always buy more, enables us to live a life we want.

We’re not chained to a job we hate because we need the paycheck to cover the rent, or luxury purchases. We can live without it!

We’re not scared or ashamed of not being able to afford something. We don’t need fancy cars or designer perfume to feel validated. We’re not scared of having our houses repossessed, or having to pawn jewellery, because we only buy what we need and can afford, so don’t get ourselves into such situations.

We’re not afraid to challenge the social norms. We live the life we choose, not one that we’re told we’re ‘supposed to’ live.

We enjoy spending time with the people who matter most to us, not spending money. We pursue our interests and hobbies, cultivate our curiosity about this beautiful world, and fulfill our dreams.

We want to make a difference. We refuse to live a sad existence, wasting our talents on things that don’t matter. Everyone has something special to offer, if only everyone was brave enough to find it and follow through.

You only live once. Minimalists aren’t scared by that. In fact, we embrace it.

We’re not scared to live life to the fullest. We’re grateful for everything we already have. No matter what happens, we’ll make the most of it. That’s why we live happy lives.

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  • Mitch Williams

    Amen! That’s something I’m continuously working on, not caring what other people think. I will make sure to keep minimalism in mind to give me the confidence with this.

    • Hi Mitch, yes I’m sure minimalism will give you the courage to care less about what other people think! That’s what the path is all about 🙂

  • Arrik Leman

    Hello Jessica, I’m happy for you and i wish you a fantastic New Year! I came upon your website around Nov 2014 and it impressed me. I was already a minimalist at that time out of necessity. At least, people called me one so I’ll roll with it. But around then, I learned about the community of minimalists online and i started reading articles to learn new skills. Thank you for providing such a great resource for others!

    Now, after a long hiatus, I’m reading your newer articles and I really think you should reconsider what “fearlessness” really means because it’s not a good or healthy mindset. It’s actually a reckless, dangerous and toxic mindset. Fearless people usually either have a death wish or they are not being honest with themselves. I’ve been completely fearless a few times in my life and learned that it’s the perfect moment to throttle back and think.

    Courage is actually the middle path with fearlessness and terror as the extremes. You SHOULD have fear and accept it while training to act properly with it. I’ve done some very dangerous things and the people that couldn’t respect the risks become complacent and then they become injured or dead. No one should want that. It takes a healthy relationship with fear to thrive in adversity. Fear is your friend. It’s something that simply cannot be ignored.

    • Hi Arrik, thanks for your comment, it’s lovely to hear from you for the first time since you’ve been reading for so long 🙂

      I agree with what you’re saying in terms of needing fear when it comes to things that pose a danger to your (or other people’s lives)—you definitely should be scared if you’re about to jump off a cliff, or if you’re driving at 100mph down a narrow road!

      But you’re right, I should have been clearer when I meant to say that there are a lot of people holding fears about things that aren’t actually dangerous, but their fear is holding them back (mainly from being happier). For example, in my experience there are too many people who are so scared of what other people think that they hold back from their dreams. They let the naysayers create fear in them that something ‘isn’t right’ or that they’d be a failure if they tried, so they never take that leap. That’s when fearlessness is a good thing.

      Minimalism helps because it encourages a mindset where you care less about what the people around you think, and take out distractions from our lives, so eventually you build up the courage to follow your dreams. That’s the hope anyway!

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