Life begins when…

by Jessica Dang
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dawn mountains

Life begins when…

you wake up

the sun is shining

you smell coffee


Life begins when…

you create

you help

you discover


Life begins when…

you feel grateful for the little things

you do something you enjoy

you learn to love


Life begins when…

you see the bigger picture

you learn to let go

you make it to the other side


Life begins when…

you go somewhere you’ve never been before

you do something you’ve never done before

you want to be better than you were yesterday


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  • joshisaurus

    Hey, Jessica! My name is Josh. I’m currently a student studying in Thailand. This is my story:

    I wouldn’t define myself as a minimalist yet. Maybe a minimalist-in-progress? I started the long, slow journey towards a simpler life after stumbling upon your blog back in 2012. I found the idea of a minimalist life very interesting and decided to pursue that goal, although I have to admit I have been very lazy about it. (But I am getting there!) As a student, despite my efforts, things and commitments pile up at a very fast rate, basically drowning me in this sea of stress. I sure hope I’ll soon reach that point when I can be defined as a minimalist.

    Thank you for inspiring me with your blog! Please keep on writing and may you inspire more people this year and the years to come. 🙂

    – josh

  • Yes the smell of durian would definitely wake one up 😉

  • Hola Jessica, thanks for your awesome work. I’m always excited by a new post from your blog. I’m Philippe from France and here is my mini minimalist story.

    4 years ago I was chasing for clothes. I always wanted the last, cool and shiny. To compensate with my lack of… Confidence? To have something to be known for. Then a summer I decided to bike alone from France to UK. I bought a 100 euros bike and travel for days with little confort (which ended up being more than sufficient)

    Long story short, it was an introspective journey, a breakthrough my way of living and a big perception shift. For the closet but more importantly in my mind and my focus/ priority in life. My relationship with my parents, and friends and overall life

  • Kat O

    Hi Jessica! I’m well into the process of becoming materially minimalist (or at least, I understand it well), but I’ve still only scratched the surface of being mentally minimalist – quieting my mind, turning OFF the constant introspection and self-appraisal, agonizing over decisions, judging (intentionally or not), etc etc etc. I feel like I have very brief moments of absence of self (I mean, like, I’ve had three instances of truly FEELING an absence of self in my lifetime, that’s how rare it is), and it’s so liberating…I want more! I want to loosen my attachment to “me,” to “I,” to “self,” and live with wholeness and connectedness to the world. I consider this one of the ultimate “minimalist” endeavors, and this will be the focus of my 2016 – I won’t achieve it in a year, but I will be intentional about the practice!

    Thanks for an awesome blog 🙂

  • Merry King

    Hello, Jessica!

    I’m still new to the minimalist way of living. I can’t seem to stop wanting things, but even with that, I know I feel better with a cleaner and decluttered room. 🙂 I can now walk into my bedroom and hear it echo a bit when I talk. And the way it feels in my room is wonderful; it sort of feels like a unused guest bedroom. Ha! I am not able to be rid of big objects now, maybe in the future, but I feel like I need to work on not wanting more and enjoying less.

    And oddly enough, my dream ‘room’ is somewhat based on the house in “My Neighbor Totoro” and Kiki’s attic-room in “Kiki’s Delivery Service”!

    Hope your New Year is going great!

    • Hi Merry, it’s nice to hear from you again! It sounds like you’re making good progress 🙂 This year is going great for me so far thanks, hope yours is too.