Minimalist Christmas Countdown Challenge

Christmas is approaching fast. November is coming to an end and people have already started shopping for presents, things to decorate their houses with and even for food.

I get a lot of questions asking me my opinion about Christmas. Of course, I enjoy it as much as the next person, and I have some very fond memories of this time of year. We would have big family gatherings – where it would be loud with chatter and laughter and everyone would have a great time.

As I grew older, I began to realize that there are aspects Christmas that are not so good (post coming soon). So, I’ve decided to counterbalance it this year with a Minimalist Christmas Countdown Challenge.

the challenge

Starting Dec 1 until Christmas day, I will be posting short daily prompts on my Twitter feed on how to de-clutter various aspects of your daily life – productivity, money, food, clothes, health etc.

Every week, I will publish a few of the prompts on the blog with some reader’s comments I’ve received and add some of my own.

You don’t have to do a challenge everyday, but if you do, leave a comment on the blog to let everyone know how you did, or any problems that you might have encountered. You can also tell me anything you’ve learned or found interesting, and even suggest a prompt if you would like!

Or, you can @minimalstudent me with links to your blog posts about a prompt and I promise to do my best to read all of them.

UPDATE: I’ve decided to schedule the challenge into 4 weeks, with each week focussing on a different category of minimalism.

  • Week 1: 1st ~ 5th Dec – Minimal Money Week
  • Week 2: 6th ~ 12th Dec – Digital/Info Purge Week
  • Week 3: 13th ~ 19th Dec – Minimal Health/Lifestyle Week
  • Week 4: 20th~ 25th Dec – New Year Cleanse Week

So if you’ve been meaning to get going on applying minimalism to your life for a little while, or you want to take it to the next level, sign up in the comments now!

  • Hello Jessica!

    I found your blog yesterday through Miss Minimalist and I have already spent so much time reading through your old posts. I’m also a minimalist student and have been searching for others like me, so I was very excited to find your blog and read about your experiences.

    I would love to join your Christmas challenge 🙂


  • Kath


    I read your blog after the Times article and have been gradually de cluttering my life 😀

    Unfortunately gradually has been the operative word! Therefore this challenge should be really good for me!

    My family should be moving soon so I’ll be getting rid of lots of useless impedimenta anyway!

    I had already challenged myself to fill a box a week with stuff for the Charity shop or just to get rid of!

    Thank You So Much!

    You inspire me 🙂

  • Jessica,

    This is great! I am excited to see how your Challenge turns out. I have been able to declutter 99% of my life but I am urging my friends and family to check this out! Thanks.


    • Love this. In a similar vein I’m getting rid of something every day up until Christmas (, and will be plugging you tips as I go. Hurrah for a minimalist Christmas!

  • Awesome!
    Great idea, the holidays can be a tough time for people to keep the ideas of minimalism in perspective, balancing them with the gifts they are given.
    How do you communicate that you don’t want “things” to loved ones?
    many don’t understand.
    Hmmmm new post idea?

  • Here is my first post in response to your tasks! more to come 🙂

  • Hey girlie, I feel like I am already pretty minimal but I’m very interested to see what you suggest each day. My wallet only had a list and a paper or two to take out and I never buy lunch or coffee. 😛 So I’m doing good so far.


    I found your blog sometime ago, and decided I would start from your first post, and just keep reading until I catch up.

    And here I am. I made it on the first of the month, and its perfect.

    I have REALLY enjoyed reading your blog, it has helped me get to a point in my life where I am cleaning out stuff on a daily basis, each week I have almost two grocery bags full of junk and nicknacks from my room that I don’t want!

    Not only that, but I’ve been organizing everything too, its all so invigorating!