Embrace Life’s Flow

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“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it”. ~Lao Tzu

If only we could be more like water – strong, life-giving and beautiful. It trickles and surges, ebbs and swirls, here and there, following the natural course of life without attachment or resistance. Even when it appears to be quite still, it is not stagnant but peaceful and content. And it is always always flowing.

There are some weeks you’re busy, some weeks you’re bored. Sometimes you feel like working out, other times you feel like pigging out. Some days a friend or loved one can do no wrong, other days everything they do irks you. You can have an absolute favorite movie, song, food dish, book or hobby, but a few months later its being overplayed or you tire of it. One moment the sun is shining, the next it is raining.

People are fickle, states are constantly changing, old things break, new things are invented. Things don’t simply move in just one direction – they can go backwards, forwards, left or right, up or down, and even in complete cycles. If we try to force things we cannot control to be one way or another, or if we insist on being at one extreme or another, then eventually we will lose our balance. This is okay sometimes too, but if we look for it, there is always a middle way.

There is too much energy in the world for things to ever truly be still. It’s exactly these fluctuations and transitions that we experience every day that makes things exciting, keeps us on our toes and reminds us – if we remain mindful of it – that we are alive.

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  • Tuan Anh Phan

    Embrace life’s flow. It’s gonna take major events or event some shocks in life before we can personally experience embracing life’s flow. If we’re get through such events, by that time we most likely know to truly embrace life’s flow.

    You know, when to hold on or when to let go off something is tough call.

    • Hey Tuan Anh Phan, I agree. If you practice embracing flow in your daily life, when the big shocks come perhaps you will be more prepared to get through it.

      Major events are tests of our character.

  • Rosie

    Wow, can’t believe I’ve only just discovered this/you. I’ve just spent the last hour or so reading some of your posts, they’re really inspirational… and I’ve found a word for my nature – ‘minimalistic’! It’s true, I share many of the same philosophies as you, for example: the value of experiences not possessions and I too love to throw ‘extra’ things out! You sound like a contented and peaceful person, who I can only dream of emulating… keep doing what you’re doing, I love it 🙂
    Best wishes,

    • Hey Rosie, thank you so much! What I really find inspiring is readers like you who are beginning their minimalist journey, that takes courage! Best of luck 🙂

  • Donotreply

    I find it rather ironically that the article is entitled “Embrace life’s flow” yet the first impression we get is one of an obviously artificial river. Whether intentionally or not, I think this gives it an interessting edge.